Spend the Night at a Vineyard – Masia Can Canyes

     We were ready to spend the night at a 1700’s farmhouse and vineyard in the Spanish countryside. The Masia Can Canyes and Spa in San Lorenzo de Hortons is tucked into the rolling hills of northern Spain, about 50 minutes west of Barcelona. The hotel is also about 40 minutes from the spectacular rock formations of Montserrat.
Montserrat Spain

Road – Trip Through Spain

     My friend Angie and I were on a road trip through Portugal, Spain and Morocco with short stops in France and Andorra. We had driven up the coast of eastern Spain, stopping at several beaches along the way. 

Over the River and Through the Vineyard…Finding Masia Can Canyes

     Angie and I were eager to be spending the night in the country at the newly updated vineyard farmhouse. As we approached Masia Can CanyesMasia Can Canyes, the paved road turned to gravel and we were soon surrounded by rows and rows of grapevines and rolling hills. The sun was starting to glow orange and we began to wonder if our hotel really was all the way out here. After a few turns up the gravel road, we pulled up to a parking area outside near an animal enclosure and saw the arched gate and sign for Masia Can Canyes.

The Animals of the Vineyard

     Although travel weary, we were excited to be greeted by a number of 2 and 4 legged friends who hustled over, snuffling and wiggling for attention, checking out the new visitors. Goats, chickens, donkeys and a couple of friendly pigs made up our welcoming committee. We said hello to the various animals and then grabbed our suitcases from the car and made our way past the swimming pool into the brick and wood, ivy covered building.  

Inside Masia Can Canyes Hotel and Spa

     The inside was a dark wood, stone and brick. We were each greeted by one of the owners with a glass of welcome wine. After we got checked in, we were shown up the wooden steps, past several sitting areas and to our room. The room had a slanted ceiling with wooden beams running across. There was a flat screen tv attached to a stone wall. A latched window opened out to a vineyard view. 
     After securing dinner reservations at the on site restaurant, we grabbed our cameras and raced outside to catch the sunset views and explore the vineyard. 

Exploring the Spanish Vineyard

     The grapes were still small as it was early in the season and the air had grown cool. The sky showed colors of pink and orange as we gazed across the expanse of the vineyard. Rows and rows of twisted  grapevines lined the rolling hills. The vines were heavy with grapes that were growing and waiting to become wine for the guests.
      There were several rustic sitting areas fashioned of hay bales covered with thick blankets and pillows. Wine barrels were brimming with colorful flowers. 
     The moon became visible high in the sky and a thick haze made the distant mountains look like a watercolor painting. The goats made scurrying noises as they chased each other around nearby.

The Restaurant at Masia Can Canyes

     Once it was mostly dark, we made our way in to warm up and take a look around.
     Inside the building, was a display of old wooden tools and machines required for grape crushing, fermentation and wine storage. 
     It was time for our dinner reservation, so we made our way to the stone wine cellar restaurant. Long wooden benches lined one wall covered with soft pillows for sitting.  Rectangular tables draped in white tablecloths were arranged in front of the bench seating. Wine barrels were stacked along the opposite wall. 
     We were seated and enjoyed fresh warm bread with olive oil and a glass of wine from the vineyard. There was a vegetarian option available. Dinner was a pleasantly unique and leisurely experience. The food and wine were exceptional and the staff warm and friendly.
     It was only a short walk to our room upstairs. In the morning, we were able to enjoy a complimentary breakfast with fresh fruits, breads, cereal and cheeses.

The Masia Hotel Spa Experience

    We then made our way to the spa for our reservations.  We had the room to relax for an hour. Angie and I took turns making the rounds from the aromatherapy showers to the hot tub and then to the Turkish steam room. There were arched glass doors that led outside, giving views of the vineyard and winemaking artifacts. A pitcher of ice water was available to hydrate while soaking.
     If we had booked a longer stay, we would have taken advantage of the bike rentals to explore the property and surrounding area. Massage packages were also available as well as local winery tours.
     Staying at Masia Can Canyes and Spa was a relaxing and unforgettable vineyard experience.

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